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Canadian Reflection

Canadian Reflection
для смешанного хора и симфонического оркестра
слова: Барри Тэйлор (на английском)




Starry skies embrace a land in slumber.
Moonbeams guide the way to dawn.
And the mountain peaks in all their wintry splendor turn
Golden in the morning sun.

Soon gentle breezes melt the snow revealing
Misty streams now dancing by.
And the waking fields herald the blessed spring time.
Life anew bursting through
Lifting my spirits high!

Swaying trees in peaceful summer zephyr,
Whisper soft the whole day long,
Till the sun's last shaft yields to a crimson twilight
Painting of the day near' done.

Then summer days give way to days of autumn
Colouring this verdant land, and we celebrate our country's radiant glory.
Canada! Canada!
Land of peace, blessed are we!  
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